We start with an in-person meeting, at our office, or a location of your choosing.  This consultation will determine if we are right for each other - that you are comfortable with us, our process, and our fee structure.  We aspire to be totally transparent.  The outcome of this meeting ideally will be the decision to move forward.

Our next meeting will be more in depth.  Of course, it will cover your financial situation in detail.  We will also cover the range of intangibles that you would like to make your financial advisor aware of – career, family, retirement plans, charitable plans, and the range of unique circumstances that we all have.

We will then create your financial plan.  It will provide perspective on how you are tracking towards your lifestyle goals.  We will also present an asset allocation strategy, that ideally strikes the right balance between principal stability and long term investment returns.

Assuming we move forward, you can expect that we will be in touch quarterly, to track the progression towards your goals.  In addition, we are readily available to answer questions as they arise.

Most importantly, we will be with you as circumstances change, that might require a mid-course correction of your investment strategy.